Welcome to Echelon!

Hello! Welcome to the website for the Echelon RPG - a low fantasy setting pen and paper roleplaying game, based with 18th century technology, low magic and 6 sapient races.

If you want to get started right away, you can read the rules - or if you wish to participate or talk to others, you can head to the forums. The current version of Echelon is 0.2.1, and is under active development.

You can help by playtesting, giving feedback or even just sharing ideas. The rules and the setting are under a creative commons license, meaning that you can build upon them without our permission and freely redistribute these rules as long as it is not for commercial purposes and under the same license.

Credits and Acknowledgements

Written by:

  • Richard Lampitt [richardatechelonrpdotcom]

Thanks for the occasional help, feedback, editing and/or ideas to:

Daniel Tann, Sharpe, aka Eric Richard, ALT-F4, DrowningInChocolate, GaiusTerminus1, Ilmuri, JamesPSX, Kusaryuu, Mr_Powers, Niet, O1011001, Phaethon, Tallstaff, Viral, Verbose, Wood, Zemyla

Creative Commons Attributions

Rules button background image by Rtitoun / Titouanrusso - CC-BY ::

Bodiam Castle by Antony McCallum, kindly licensed CC BY-NC-SA for Echelon ::