Core Rules: Talents

Each talent has a point cost associated to it, taken from the same pool of points used for buying stats during character creation. Talents represent abilities that characters inately posses or have acquired that do not have a roll associated with them.

Most talents can only be acquired during character creation, although some may be acquired during play. A good example would be a character becoming blind and gaining the associated talent as a result.
A talent that may be trained after character creation is complete will have a time cost listed in addition to a points cost, and can be bought in-game once character creation has finished. Points are spent during character creation, and days are spent after character creation has been completed.

Some talents will typically grant bonuses to rolls and/or allow more character freedom of action; these are positive talents. Other talents will incur penalties and restrict characters in some manner, and these are negative talents. Negative talents refund points for use elsewhere during character creation, and can give characters deeper motivations for getting involved in the adventures that await them. Further talents are self-imposed, and these are personal codes.

Some talents may be bought off during play so that the talent's effects no longer apply. If this is the case, the entry for the talent will state so, and how many days of training it will cost. This is representative of the time wasted during the existential crisis and/or effort the character will go through to overcome their drawback.

Some talents have specializations, and when present these are noted in [square brackets]. Specializations will generally affect a specific area of talent, or provide other benefits. If talent specializations have different costs, they will be noted in the talent's entry.

Talents are organized under positive, negative and codes.