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Development Updates - Rules

This thread is going to be the catalogue of the progress of the rules system, and the changes and whatnots that occur during its development.

As things are going, the

As things are going, the rules are very nearly in a form where they can be used in a game. The skills and talents have recently been completed in their first working drafts.

Right now I'm sorting the mechanics out for casting magic and mana regeneration, and casting my eye back over how character stats are generated - the numbers specifically.

Besides that, I have mint chocolates. This makes me happy :D


Suddenly the bare basics of a magic system a small selection of spells exists.

As some acquaintances rolled up a few characters, I've been doing a little number crunching and I've decided that as they currently stand, the stats are a little high. The average I'd like to get is 10 to 14, rather than it seems the broad range that's happening at the moment.

It must be said, thinking of spell names is also rather difficult [Suggestions in a new thread if you have any though, please].

Suddenly some nations! I'll

Suddenly some nations! I'll be adding the maps soon too, and completing the list.

You can find them here in the meantime: Edit: Here's the uploaded lot.

More nations, more to go. All

More nations, more to go. All done at least locally on my machine are the (mostly) human realms, the realms of the Fey and about half of the Dwarven ones. Calaer, Lutin, and Nacarta to go.

I've decided that I'm going

I've decided that I'm going to include Airship and Airship combat rules in a specific section too. I'll be soliciting ideas for this mechanic soon too. Presently, still working my way through the nations. I've trimmed the number down somewhat too. I'm also going to rename a couple that are a bit of a tongue twister to say, for ease of use, and I've gotten a lot of feedback on some of the names.

Because I am a forgetful

Because I am a forgetful bugger - I've forgotten to update this thread.

However, the rules have had an increment in number - now 0.1.4 - and the site has a nice shiny new design.

Magic is up next! The basics are there, and I'm number crunching to get some decentness out of it.

Whilst tuning and updating

Whilst tuning and updating the spell list - in addition to adding some polymorph spells for the Arcane and Darkness elements - I've also found that in order to have some 'anti disease' spells, I need some diseases to anti.

So - now I am going to bash together a brief set of disease rules.

More editing and magic!

More editing and magic! Thanks to Kusa who has paraphrased a few rules for me to streamline them. Getting the more magic done too.

Much has occured. There's a

Much has occured.

There's a new page where the very rough notes of trade skills now live. It'll be up to GMs to interpret these, as presently there isn't a whole lot of mechanics set out.

The first playtest of the complete system has begun. You can sit in if you like at irc:// and irc:// Thursdays at 8pm British time.

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