Proto Character Creation

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Proto Character Creation

Hey, found my way over here, and I've heard people are creating their own characters. So I want you to post your shit.

Lands/Townsman Elf
Name - Mackenzie
Gender - Female
Handed - Right
Age - 16
Height - 5'7
Weight - 10'1

Elbheán Oileánach

Hth - 11
Mna - 12

Str - 11
Tgh - 15
Agi - 17
Per - 15
Int - 19
Wil - 20
Ldr - 12
Cam - 14
Pot - 7

CS - 13
SS - 13
MS - 16

Walk - 4 @ 6 Hours
Jog - 5 @ 32 Minutes
Sprint - 7 @ 2 Minutes

- Talents -
Indomnitable Wil
l Intuition
Air Legs


0P 1G 50S 00C
- 1G 29S 60C (Equipment Cost)
+ 2S (Two Free Shillings!)
0P 0G 22S 40C (Remaining Funds)

Total Weight
13.8 Kg


Backpack (Weight 4.25 + .5)
-Herbalist's Healing Kit
-(2) Soap
-Oil Lantern

Side Pack (4.8 + .5)
-Bottle Leather 4Pint
-(10) Matches
-(8) Chalk
-(4) Paper
-(2) Lead Pencil

Pouch (.25 + .25)
-(10) Minie Ball .50 Paper Carts

Holster (3.0 + .25)
-Minié Ball, Pcart Single Shot .50 Calibre

Description: Coming Soon.

Backstory: Comes from a poor family in a small tenant township sitting near a crossroads in the west continent. Highly intelligent, and has great aptitude with magic and scripts. She arrived in a major city to begin studies.

More Coming Soon.

Thoughts: She knows both Elbheán Oileánach and Anglic, I know that most characters are limited to 1 language, but I figure with her high intellect, taking the deciphering skill and her location, she should have learned it easy enough.

Most of her inventory, save the pistol and ammo, should be easily acquired. As for the weapon itself, I'm still working on how she'll get that.

Hello there Psyme! Very nice

Hello there Psyme! Very nice looking character there. I especially like the bi-linguism.

She's from the islands of Calaer I assume? Which nation is she from?|Land Map|National Map.

I'll get to adding those maps in the rules and setting soonish.

Not sure, thinking Tír

Not sure, thinking Tír Caomhnóire. But I'd have to really know which countries are human populated and whatnot before I can really be certain.

Yeah, I think I'll go with

Yeah, I think I'll go with Tír Caomhnóire. It's location next to Leomatrald gives a viable possibility for human traders to come through often, allowing the possibility she could have learned Anglic, as well as pick up the Pistol before the outset.

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