Setting: Money

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The amount of money that you start with depends on your social status. These are indeed guildlines - it's quite possible to be both royalty and broke:

Level Class Name Example Professions Average Starting Wealth Wealth
A1 Upper Class Royalty The hereditary figureheads of a nation. 10P ★★★★★★
A2 Nobility Very wealthy estate owners with a hereditary title. 2P ★★★★★★
A3 Gentry Very wealthy business or estate owners. 1P ★★★★★
A4 Knights and Officers Those of the highest ranks in a nation's military and those afforded a nation's best military honours. 7G 50S ★★★★
AB Middle Class Priests The higher priests of most religions in Echelon. 50S to 5G Varies
B1 Landowners and Merchantiles Bankers, lawyers, teachers, lecturers, merchants, doctors and academics. 5G ★★★
BC Lower Class Craftsmen More highly skilled, but low earning, professions. Small scale manufacturing businesses are run by 'craftsman'. 2G ★★
C1 Landsmen and Townsmen Skilled farmers and workers, sometimes owning some small amount of land or a tiny house in a town. Provendors of food (butchers, etc.) are often townsmen, as are local police. 1G
C2 Peasants Unskilled workers or labourers. Oftentimes enlisted volunteers and draftees came from the peasantry. Domestic servants of most sorts are peasants. 25S 50C
C3 Slaves People owned by others. This can include those bought and sold, and those who are slaves because of significant debt 50C  
D Underclass Petty criminals and those with nothing, often coming from cities. Nothing