Setting: Nations of Sechera

Empire of Nacarta (Nation)

  • Political
    • Political Structure: autocracy - hereditary
    • Strong Influence: senate of the elite
    • Popular Issue: legal system
    • Stability: stable
    • Personal Freedoms: somewhat repressed
    • Scandals: very common
    • Foreign Relations: somewhat bad
  • Economy
    • Main Export: precious metals
    • Main Import: laborers
    • Main Resource: mining - gems
    • Trade: slight deficeit
    • Strength: very strong, but declining
    • Wealth: spread throughout upper and middle classes
  • Ecology Main
    • Climate: mediterranean
    • Frequent Trouble: storms
    • Wilderness: 75%
    • Wild Animals: dangerous
    • Natural Resources: scarce
  • Culture
    • Highly Values: attractiveness
    • Known For: poetry
    • Popular Entertainment: gossip
    • Respected Profession: artist
    • Discrimination: gender-based
    • Major Taboo: innovation
    • Major Social Ill: immigration
    • Primary Language: Nacargalassa
  • Military
    • Strength: strong
    • Focus: land
    • Main Unit: siege weapons
    • Soldiers: hired mercenaries
    • Main Use: foreign peacekeeping
    • Rank: elected by public
  • Magic
    • Occurrence: in the hands of a select few
    • Major Use: ubiquitous (everything)
    • Viewed: with respect
    • Enchanted Items: uncommon
  • Population
    • Urban: 35%
    • Rural: 65%
    • Literacy Rate: 69%
    • Gender Ratio: 0.94 male(s)/female
    • Fertility Rate: 2.7 children/family
    • Life Expectancy: 60.2 years


Currently ruled by Emperor Zacharias VIII. He is aged 17.


He's a rather unattractive troll, and an very loyal member of the merchantile. He is often mischeivous, although not mallicious.

His eyes are green, his hair burning red, and stands at about 6'5 in height.


He is a spectacularly useless leader, and is of yet not aware of just how bad he is.

His favoured weapon are spears. Anything that he cannot summount with the least amount of effort irritates him greatly, and keeps an open eye out for ladies.


He's an aspiring master of lore, and has most of his wealth poured into written texts and obscure art. It should be noted that accumulation of wealth is almost solely his aim, at the expense often of his nation.