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Spell Name Suggestion Thread

OK, I read the other topic, thought I'd cast out a suggestion while on my break.

Possibly in the vein of all the real earth languages used, I'm suggesting maybe spell names come from another real earth language, possibly Latin or Sanskrit.

Oh? Do you have any examples

Oh? Do you have any examples of Latin / Sanskrit names handy?

Sanskrit may be a mite

Sanskrit may be a mite difficult to mess around with. It's such an old language that if I plug stuff into a translator, there are a million hit for some of the more common words, like "fire" and "water." But things like grammar correctness and some of the more modern words won't have any translation

Latin and Greek would be kind of cliché, because of the real world association with scholars and alchemists, but there may be better documentation on it. The same goes for one of the contemporary languages not found in echelon.

Or I mayhap I could construct a simple language to base the spells on?

Latin and Greek would make

Latin and Greek would make some degree of sense for a base. And I concur that Sanskrit might be a bit overkill. I daresay the names for spells will have a common name appropriate to each language in use in most situations, rather than the more precise scientific name.

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