Setting: Races

For the rules for playing any of these races, see Core Rules: Characters


dwarf-female-by-mamzell-thorgard-cc-by-ndwarves are a stout, stocky, comparatively short and physically capable race; with most living in the Northlands of Echelon. As they tend to live relatively further north than most, most tend to have pale colouration, but as with all hominids of Echelon they tan and their skin tones range from the more usual pale to dark brown of the dwarves who live on Ganicia south of Echelon. Dwaven hair and eyes come in all natural colours, but those who live further south tend to have darker skin, hair, and eyes.

Dwarven males are stereotypically synonymous for wearing impressive facial hair in romanticised stories and tales, although dwarves with all degrees of beard (or lack there-of) can be found in innumerable styles. A myth persists amongst those that have yet to meet a dwarf is that dwarven women have beards as mighty as their men, but this is untrue and bringing it up is often considered rude. Males are generally well-built and broad, and females tend to be just as stout with have noticeably softer features.

Dwarves are often noted as having very vivid eyes, and those of mixed heritage where their dwarven ancestry is well hidden are often given away by this inherited vividity. They most frequently come into contact with elves, fey, and humans, and these make up the majority of most of mixed racial heritage. Often they are tough and tend to be stubborn. Their broad and stocky frames make them a little slower than most and their occasional pigheadedness can get others' backs up.

Dwarves are usually between 1.30 m and 1.55 m (4'4" - 5'0") in height as adults, and 45 - 75 kg in weight. They will typically develop into adults at the age of 18, potentially living well into their 100s assuming good health.


Elves are a fairly tall and lithe race. Most make their homes on Calaer and in western Echelon. Their skin hues vary from alabaster to ebony, and their hair comes in all shades; although they seem to have a predisposition towards red hair that is much more pronounced than other races. It is extremely rare to find an elf with brown eyes - most often their eyes are green or blue regardless of their skin's hue. As with others, the further south an Elf lives, the more likely that they have darker skin and hair.

Stereotypically elves are considered to be delicate, supple and nimble; whilst they tend to be not quite as strong nor damage resistant as most other races. Many elves are gifted with great minds, and many of Echelon's best thinkers and philosophers have been elves. The most striking features of elves are their pointed ears and long lifespans, and those of mixed heritage with Elven blood in their ancestry will be given away by pointy ears and light eye colours.

Elves have a fairly long lifespan, if healthy. It is regarded as a blessing or a curse depending on who is asked. elves become adults at around age 18, and can live to well over 100, sometimes touching 2 centuries in age. Elves stand between around 1.70 m to 1.90 m (5'7" - 6'4") as adults, and typically weigh anywhere between 45 - 85 kg, with elven ladies generally being lighter and shorter.

Fey are a short statured, quick-witted and dextrous race. A good way to think them is fey are to elves what dwarves are to humans. Most fey live between both elves and dwarves, and often share the Northlands of Echelon with them. Given the high latitudes at which they live, most fey are pale skinned and fair haired. It is rare to find fey with black hair or black eyes, even at more southerly latitudes.

Like elves, a fey's ears are fairly long and taper to a pointed tip, but they do not share an elf's longer lifespan. Fey are known for being clean-shaven, flighty, fast and precise; as well as fond of good food and drink. Although there is often truth to this conventional view of a fey, they are just as varied as anyone else. What the fey gain in speed they trade by being somewhat weaker and slower witted than others, and they often prefer to follow rather than lead.

A fey will mature rapidly but age slowly. They will reach adulthood at around the age of 15 and are generally only considered very old by the time they reach 90. They have similar lifespans to dwarves, occasionally reaching their 100s. An adult fey will stand anywhere between 1.35 m to 1.65 m (4'5 - 5'5) and will usually weigh in somewhere between 30 to 55 kg.


Humans are a reasonably tall, tough, intelligent and unusually friendly race; likely most closely related to dwarves. They live in a long band stretching from the Vennlands to the World's Edge Mountains, and because of this they interact with all other races on Echelon regularly.

Humans come in all sizes and colours. Those that live furthest north tend towards light skin, fair hair and blue eyes, and those that live furthest south can have obsidian coloured skin and even darker hair. Because they live in the lands that separate the northlands of Echelon from the more southerly locales of Nacarta, Lutin and Sechera; humans tend to have lightly to darkly tanned skin and green or brown eyes. Humans lack many distinguishing features that other races possess.

Humans are renowned for being fairly tough, naturally quite intelligent, and comparitively clumsy - the characateur of a clumsy comic relief in plays is often a human. Aside from that, they are by and large naturally gregarious and talented thinkers.

A human will mature fairly slowly, and have a lifespan on the shorter end of the scale of races. They will reach adulthood around the age of 18 and will really start suffering from age by the time that they hit around 75. Rarely will humans reach 100 years of age. An adult human usually ranges in size between 1.57 m to 1.88 m (5'7" to 6'2") and anywhere between 45 to 95 kg.


Orcs are another fairly tall race, renowned for being particularly steady on their feet and bearing indomnible stomaches. Orcs have no particular strengths or pronounced weaknesses, physically or mentally. Most orcs make their homes in the Lutin Peninsula, and up and around the coasts of southern and western Echelon. They interact mostly with the elves across the Misty Expanse and Refuge Bay, trolls to the east in Sechera and the humans of Viridias across the Strait of Tides.

Orcs are typically ashen to ebony in hue, their skin greyer than most other races. They tend to have broad faces and strong jawlines, frequently with their lower canines protruding, and ears that end in a soft point, although not as pronounced as elves or fey. Oftentimes orcs' lower canines are very well developed, and will often protrude from their mouths. Orcs' eyes come in a variety of colours, but usually green or brown, given the southerly location where most live. An orc is stereotypically thought of as strong and muscular, even orc women, but the reality is that they have a tremendous variation in body types.

Orcs are often sought after as sailors, as their homelands necessitate a lot of travel by boat. The steep lands, numerous estuaries, and poor infrastructure of the Lutin Peninsula make overland travel burdensome. They are generally held as good cooks and wine makers, with an excellent culinary taste.

An orc in good health will reach adulthood around the age of 17 and will be considered old at around the age of 70. An adult will stand anywhere between 1.63 m to 1.93 m (5'4" to 6'4") and will weigh on average between 45 and 105 kg.


Trolls are a very tall, lanky and athletic race; seen by most as fearsome combatants, and sophisticated and cultured. They are hardy, quick on their feet and possess very good hearing. Most live in the south-east of Echelon, in Sechera and the southern two-thirds of Nacarta; both places where most hold the first civilizations to have originated. They have most interaction with the humans of the Wolds, northern Nacarta and the Ariannath, and the orcs across the Anatolicus Sea.

A good way to think of them is that trolls are to orcs, what elves are to humans: closely related in appearance, but taller, more lithe and with pointier ears. Their skin tones are varying shades of yellow-tinged greys, ranging from nearly ebony to those that live across the Tranquil Expanse to the south to a more cinereous colour further north. Trolls' eyes are also often very darkly coloured, deep browns and deep greens being the most common. Their ears taper to a defined point, similarly to elves, and like orcs they have well developed lower canines that often protrude from their mouths.

Trolls grow up rapidly: they will reach developmental adulthood as early as the age of 15, and will considered very old by the time that they reach the age of 70. Given good health, an adult troll will usually grow to 1.80 m at the shortest, up to 2.00 m in height (5'11" to 6'7"), and will weigh between 50 to 105 kg.